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Electrical Training

SPECIALISED Training in electro-cosmetic treatments using  SORISA - Professional Beauty Salon Equipment

Learn to use the latest electro-cosmetic equipment and treatments:

•    Specific techniques that reflect the newest developments and the demands of the informed modern client

•    SKIN rejuvenation, body reshaping and acne treatment

•    We train you in advanced methods incorporating lifting, diamond peeling, elctro-poration and photo-poration; as well as galvanic, high-frequency and faradic methods (Accura and Skinlight)

We also provide training for:

•    Laser Type (multiple variable intense pulsed light) selective photo thermolysis

•    Body remodelling Bodyter Tri-active treatments.

•    Localised fat reduction with Cavitation techniques (IMPACT)

•    Radio frequency  

•    Ultrasound

•    Lipo-laser  

•    Drei-

•    Crio-cold and heat

•    Presso therapy

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