Essentials for an effortless evening hairstyle


Especially during the summer it is important to lock in moisture to prevent the hair from becoming dry. Nighttime is a great opportunity to repair and restore its vitality. The Summer Night Essentials Kit SS20 contains the iconic Leave in Conditioning Spray and the Pince a Cheveux Medium. Apply the Leave-in Conditioning Spray before going to bed, concentrating on dry, frizzy area’s and wake up with completely nourished hair. Use the Pince a Cheveux Medium to get that hair of the neck area and create an effortless, messy French Twist during the hot summer nights.


• Restors the hairs vitality during nighttime
• Perfect to create luminous evening hairstyles
• Cellulose Acetate hair clip with the house's iconic 18K gold plated B emblem

Summer Night Essentials Set SS20

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