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Step 3 of your daily beauty routine:

Now that you've cleansed and nurtured your skin, it's time to solve problems that might arise from time to time!

Choose the right products for you from the drop down menu, as indicated below

1) Eye and Lip Care
Organic Hemp Eye care (15ml) - Eye care with soft shimmering pigments lightening visible under-eye shadows. The velvety eye care is the perfect beauty secret against wrinkles, irritated areas and visible under-eye shadows. Fragrance-free;
and Hemp Lip Care (4.8g) - Rich lip care against dry, chapped and cracked lips. Lip balm with shea butter and rich oils. For nourished, soft lips.

2) Pimples and Spots

Organic Acai SOS Anti-Spot Solution (5ml) - Overnight emergency aid against skin blemishes, pimples, blackheads and impurities. Overnight emergency aid against skin blemishes, pimples, blackheads and impurities. Free of fragrance.

3) Make up remover

Organic Hemp Miscellar Water (150ml) - Gentle, effective micellar water for deep-cleansing and thorough make-up removal. Fragrance-free micellar water - cleansing and effective make-up removal for the face, eye and lip area. Opthalmologist tested and suitable for contact lense wearers.


4) Masks
Choose the right mask for your skin type from the drop down menu:
Sensitive / Dry Skin - Organic Green Tea Calming Sheet Mask with organic green tea for sensitive skin.
Stressed Skin - Organic Hemp Cream Mask - Soothing care mask with prebiotics, hemp oil and oat extract. Soothes irritated skin, reduces redness, moisturizes and relaxes dry, sensitive, irritated and stressed skin. Fragrance-free.
Combination / Impure Skin - Organic Acai Sheet mask for refined pores and a skin in balance. The extra portion of skin care with instant effect smoothes and calms irritated skin, minimizes redness and strengthens the protective layer of the skin.
Normal Skin - Organic Papaya Glow Gel Mask Gentle facial peeling with natural AHA acids for smoother, refined skin; or choose your favourite from the above!

Biovegane Beauty Routine Step 3


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