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The Tuxedo Estrosa nail cutter, with a powerful and silent motor at 30,000 rpm, is a professional tool suitable for dry manicure aesthetic treatments, filing in nail reconstruction and for the removal of semi-permanent nail polish. The Tuxedo Estrosa cutter has a modern and compact design, small in size, also practical to transport. Equipped with a lightweight, very low vibration handpiece with high precision performance, stability and comfort, suitable for continuous professional use. The cutter is equipped with a clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation function, a 7-hole tip holder and a practical table stand for resting the handpiece when it is not in use.

After each use it is recommended to carefully clean the cutter with a toothbrush to eliminate residues and dust generated.
Sanitize the tips by immersing them in disinfectant liquid.
At the end of the work, store the handpiece with the special tip supplied inside the package, to prevent dust and residues from entering the hollow of the tip.

Tuxedo Nail Drill 30,000 rpm

SKU: MP7623

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