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Semi-permanent gel polish application

  • After preparing the nail , choose a semi-permanent gel polish color or Persistance 3 in 1 to use as a base. If you choose the color white or black you get a more intense chrome effect from the pigments. Polymerize and do not degrease.
  • Seal the color of the semi-permanent gel polish or Persistance 3 in 1 with the "Top Coat Extended" without dispersion. Polymerize and do not degrease.
  • Distribute the Be-Mirror pigments on the nail surface with the special sponge applicator
  • Remove excess pigments with the fan brush.
  • Seal with the "Top Coat Extended" without dispersion or with the "Polish gel polish" with dispersion.

Important. The pigments must be applied immediately after curing the top coat without dispersion (while it is still hot). It is recommended to apply the pigments one finger at a time.

Removal. Use the nail polish remover or builder gel method used for applying Be-Mirror pigments.


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