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Beautiful, healthy tan with BIODROGA Self-Tanning Drops

Who doesn't know it – especially in the sun-poor months, the skin's own tan is fading.  Our skin lacks vitality, it feels sallow, pale and exhausted. What we want is a sun-kissed golden-brown skin that helps us to re-create well-being and makes us glow. Unfortunately, often we must wait awhile for the first rays of sun to appear.

With the innovative Self-Tanning Drops, BIODROGA offers a summer tan in no time – without sunbathing. So, we can not only be very relaxed when the weather switches from winter to summer mode, but also do something good for our skin by giving up the sun. BIODROGA Self-Tanning Drops can be used to optimally obtain a natural summer tan or to maintain the tan you already have.

How do the SELF TANNING DROPS work?
The BIODROGA Self-Tanning Drops contain the perfectly matched power duo for a natural-looking golden-brown skin - dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and erythrulose. DHA and erythrulose are sugar-like substances. DHA and erythrulose react when applied to the skin with free amino acids and proteins of the cells of the stratum corneum (the cell layer). This reaction produces brown pigments, the so-called melanoidin and through this, the skin appears tanned

Biodroga Sun Self Tanning Drops

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