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Decoshaper is a device which offers an advanced and exclusive working

method to perform a deep and efficacious endodermic massage. Thanks to vacuum combined to rolls pressure (installed inside the handle head), Decoshaper allows to perform three different actions in one treatment only: a lypolisis action, a firming action and a drainage action.

Lypolisis action: tissue detachment and hyperemia of the treated area are caused by the suction vacuum pressure with consequent blood flow and cellular metabolism improvement; at the same time, the me- chanic action of rolls causes adipocytes squeezing and emptying and the successive mobilization of cellulite fibrotic deposits.

Drainage action: the intermittent vacuum pressure allows to give an important and focused stimulation to lymphatic system. Decoshaper stimulates blood vessels through small contractions in order to facili- tate the lymphatic return, to discharge toxins and to remove interstitial liquids accumulation pushing them towards lymph nodes.

Firming action: endodermic massage stimulates fibroblasts to pro- duce new fibers, by improving the consistency, compactness and elasticity of skin.

DEC30 Decoshaper


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