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Combymix 7 XP combined system includes in one unit only the following functions.

The result is a multifunctional and a small size device equipped with several and easy interchangeable accessories.
High Frequency (DEC10)

It is a high frequency current generator. Its energy, transmitted onto the skin, increases the tissues respiration favoring lymphatic metabolism. The handle for the electrodes has been realized with insulator material that doesn’t allow the current transfer from operator to customer, making the device safe and easy to handle.


Galvanic (DEC13)

It is an equipment for iontophoresis and uses a continuous current for specific products ionization. Furthermore, it allows to perform treatments of iontophoresis, microionophoresis, electrophoresis and galvanic stimulation. By inverting the polarity, it is possible to make desincrustation treatments.


Stim Lift (DEC14)

It is an equipment for electro stimulation. It uses a pulsed continuous current for muscular electro stimulation with adjustable frequency. It is possible to perform toning and firming treatments for face, neck and “décolleté”.


Depil System Complex (DEC22)

It is a multifunctional electro epilator, equipped with needle holder handle, pliers and sonda, which uses radiofrequency electro- magnetic waves. Depil System Complex offers three efficacious ways of epilation in one unit only and allows to get extremely satisfying results in permanent removal of unwanted hair. It is also provided with an electronic timer to set the duration of treatment.


Podo System (DEC23)

It is a device with electronic adjustable high speed micromotor. It is used to perform hands and foot care treatments. The effects are an accurate and deep cleaning of both nails and cutaneous tissue.


Vacuum System (DEC11)

It is a double function equipment: suction and spray. Suction phase, through glass venteuses, makes easier removal of skin impurities and prepares skin to anti-wrinkles and stretch marks treatments. The spray phase, through the spray bottle, allows the homogeneous atomization of tonics, lotions or water.


Brush System (DEC12)

It is an equipment studied for deep skin cleansing through a mechanical brushing. Peeling or cutane- ous stimulation treatments can be performed with Brush System practical accessories, on face and body, by selecting the desired speed intensity.

DEC38 CombyMix 7 XP


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