EVOGLOSS is a transparent final polish and sealer with anti-yellow UV filter. The polish is flexible, resists shocks and prevents chipping. Evogloss is self-leveling and corrects any structural imperfections of the nail creating a perfect ultra-shiny surface. After polymerization wait a few seconds and eliminate the dispersion with Cleanser Magic.

A revolutionary system of professional products with advanced 3D technology that combines the advantages of gel with those of semi-permanent nail polish. It is the evolution of the self-leveling and structuring semi-permanent, perfect nail shapes are created without using the file. Evoluto Advanced Technology products are defined as 3D for their fantastic modeling properties, for their flexibility and hyperpigmentation of the colors that make them super covering and high density. With the Evoluto Advanced Technology system you get an impeccable result with a 3D effect for over 4 weeks!