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Hybrid is the world’s first hair dryer that combines the ease of use of analogue side controls with the power and precision of an intelligent digital motor.

The perfect choice for those seeking a balance between tradition and innovation in hair drying.


  • Digital motor 100,000 RPM: the high-performance digital motor, with a speed of 100,000 rpm, offers exceptional power and dries hair quickly and efficiently.
  • 2 nozzles and 1 snap-on diffuser
  • 2 speeds and 6 temperatures: Hybrid offers a wide range of temperature and speed combinations, allowing you to customise drying according to your needs and preferences. Thanks to the analogue side buttons that simplify selection, you can easily adjust the speed and temperature of the hair dryer for best results.
  • Cold air shot: the cold air function locks in the desired style, setting it and making it long-lasting.
  • Ionic: the built-in ionic generator emits negative ions that help reduce frizz and improve glossiness. Hair will be softer, silkier and easier to manage.
  • 3 metres of super flexible cable for more convenient use and unprecedented freedom of movement.

Gamma Piu Hybrid Hair drier


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