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One is the transparent monophasic gel that can be used as a base, builder and extra-glossy finish. The particular formulation allows this gel to be used for refill, elongation and tip.


's " Monophasic " nail reconstruction method consists in the application of a single gel, it does not require the base and pre-crowning gel that other gels require, it is ideal for not giving up maximum adherence, structure and shine of the nails during reconstruction.
Estrosa's "monophasic" nail reconstruction method has the advantage and practicality of having a strong and resistant nail reconstruction with a single gel. The whole line of "monophasic Estrosa" gels are Led & UV technology , i.e. they cure both in UV lamp and in LED or LED & UV lamp with faster processing times but above allDO NOT BURN during curing .
The line of “Monophasic Estrosa” gels offers various types of gels: transparent, pink, pastel pink, camouflage to meet the needs of the most expert nail technicians and to obtain perfect results in the reconstruction and covering of natural nails.


• 15 ml
• Color: pink
• Dense
• LED & UV technology
• Polim. LED & UV 48 Watt (Eclipse Lamp Art. 7607): 60 sec.
• Polim. UV 36 Watt (Estro Nails Lamp Art. 7600): 180 sec.
• Always stir before use
• Made in Italy
• Professional use


SKU: 7222

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