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Meet Janeke Superbrush - a perfect blend of classic design and innovative features! This beautiful brush ensures a royal hair treatment - from detangling to styling and everything in between.

Versatility is the word that best describes this rectangular Janeke Superbrush. You can use it on the wet hair in the shower for smooth detangling or style your hair gently during blow-drying.

Thanks to the special patented honeycomb drilling, the brush lets the hot air through helping to distribute it evenly thus avoiding heat damage to your hair. As a result, your hair gets dry quickly and effortlessly.

If you ever need to wash your Superbrush, you will be surprised by how easy it is. Factor in the ultra-lightweight and the elegant golden frame, and you’ve got a perfect hairbrush!


  • Ideal for detangling rebellious and stubborn hair.
  • Patented heat dissipation structure.
  • Light and super practical.
  • Provides gentle scalp massage.
  • Elegant golden frame.

Janeke Superbrush GOLD


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