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Modette professional nail cutter - Compact and silent - 35,000 revolutions per minute
Portable professional cutter, rechargeable with USB cable. Lightweight and small in size, it takes up little space and is also very convenient to transport. The 7500 mAh battery has a working autonomy of approximately 24 hours. The battery charge level is visible via the digital display. The Modette cutter is equipped with a powerful motor with speeds up to 35,000 rpm. and a very light handpiece, with very low vibrations, which makes the manicure job reliable and comfortable.

After each use it is recommended to carefully clean the cutter with a toothbrush to eliminate residues and dust generated.
Sanitize the tips by immersing them in disinfectant liquid.
At the end of the work, store the handpiece with the special tip supplied inside the package, to prevent dust and residues from entering the hollow of the tip.

Nail Drill Modette 35,000 RPM

SKU: MP7625

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