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The DAVINES OI LIQUID LUSTER gives you a perfect, feather-light and glamorous look that puts the hair in a radiant, shiny state without having to wait long. OI Liquid Luster is a water-like, weightless care that immediately gives the hair a strong shine and optimal manageability. This innovative formula, with a transparent fluid texture, is rich in moisturizing active ingredients that come into direct contact with the hair fiber without any barrier, providing an instant shine effect and a supple finish, with no exposure time. The product is suitable for all hair types.

ROUCOU OIL: The oil is extracted from roucou, a plant native to the Amazon, also known as "annatto". Due to its high refractive index, it has a very strong shine-enhancing effect. ALPHA HYDROXY ACID FROM GRAPE MUST: Closes the cuticle and promotes hair compactness, which contributes to the extra shine effect.
ARTICHOKE OIL: Artichoke extract is transformed into a biodegradable, weightless oil that provides shine and softness to the hair and allows the product to be easily distributed.

Oi Liquid Lustre


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