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The StyleCraft Aero is a personal hair grooming trimmer for many parts of the body. It runs like a cordless electric razor with a powerful motor and ceramic blades that are high precision for a quiet and portable unit. It is waterproof and easily recharges from a universal USB TYPE-A connection. A powerful and precise cordless trimmer for unwanted or excess hair in all areas of the body, especially for below-the-belt grooming. Enjoy smoother and cleaner personal areas without skin irritations. Our personal trimmer is easy to use and compact enough to bring on your travels. This body hair trimmer can be used for both wet and dry shaving. Clean with running water after use to remove trapped hair.

  • SUPERCHARGED MOTOR our personal groomer is equipped with a high-performance motor that lets you trim and groom any hair on your torso and body, especially below the belt.
  • GENTLE WHITE CERAMIC CUTTING BLADE sharpened to utmost precision perfect for cutting through coarse and curly hair without tugging or pulling that can leave your skin red and irritated.
  • LOW NOISE AND VIBRATION for comfort and stability gently and precisely removes unwanted hair without irritation
  • UNIVERSAL USB-TYPE A RECHARGEABLE for convenience and worldwide use, on the go or use at home
  • INCLUDES two 2-sided guard attachments (3-6mm, 9-12mm) for 4 variable comb length options

Style Craft Aero Body Hair trimmer


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