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OI Shampoo 280ml - Milky-smooth Shampoo ideal for all hair types. Infused with nourishing Roucou oil is the perfect daily shampoo to maintain soft, shiny and voluminous hair. Antioxidant action and long lasting perfume.

OI Body Wash 180ml - Shower gel that gently cleanses the skin, adding softness and hydration. Its creamy foam and luxurious fragrance turn a daily beauty ritual into a pampering experience.

OI Hand balm 75ml - Nourishing hand cream with antioxidant action, suitable for all skin types. The special formula protects skin from damage caused by sun, wind and cold, and provides long-lasting hydration.



  • Suits all hair types
  • Rich and creamy formulas
  • Multi-function for more benefits
  • Fights frizz 
  • Adds body and shine

The Honest & The Sensible Oi Lifestyle box

SKU: DV76118

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