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Thor is a hair trimmer that works both wireless and plugged in. WIth its 600mAh Lithium Ion battery which can be charged by USB you'll never run out of power when on the go - just plug it into your computer, your powerbank, your car or any other item with a USB outlet. It can also be plugged directly to a wall socket with the power adaptor included in the box.


The special design with its floating head means you can clearly see what you're doing whilst trimming hair, beard and body hair. The stainless steel head is suitable for very close cuts up to 0.1mm.


This trimmer is splash proof. Safety first: Please do not use electrical tools under or near running water!

Accessories included: 
• Kit 3 heads: 1 - 2 – 3 mm
• 1 AC/DC power adaptor
• 1 USB Type C cable
• 1 brush
• 1 lubricating oil

Thor - splash proof trimmer

SKU: MP0966

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